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The Deep Green Difference

Service Cost

With Deep Green you can purchase all of your power from non-polluting, renewable sources. It's a voluntary program and it's available right now - electricity customers in Marin and Richmond can sign up today.

The additional cost of Deep Green is just a penny more per kilowatt-hour than our Light Green rates. For the average residential customers, the additional cost of Deep Green is just $5 per month.

Power Sources

Deep Green Power Sources

In 2011, Deep Green power was sourced from wind (29%) and solar (31%) power. In 2012, wind resources from the Western U.S. will be used to supply Deep Green power. We update our Power Content Label periodically to reflect the most current locations of our renewable energy generators.

Our Deep Green energy mix includes renewable energy certificates, which support the development of new renewable energy facilities in the western U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using the purchasing power of Marin and Richmond residents and businesses


Green-e Certification

Deep Green power is purchased entirely from non-polluting, renewable sources. It's Green-e Energy certified. Because it's independently verified by Green-e, you know that Deep Green contains only new renewable sources. Choosing Deep Green also helps commercial buildings obtain LEED certification.

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Power Content Label

The power content label is updated periodically to reflect the most current locations of generators.

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Renewable Energy Certificates

You have the power to create change.

Voluntarily signing up for Deep Green is one of the most important actions any of us in Marin County and the City of Richmond can take to curb global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adding more renewable energy to the grid and shifting away from global reliance on fossil fuels. Deep Green customers also support local projects that reinvest in a healthier environment and a clean tech future.

Become an MCE Deep Green Champion and we'll spread the word. At MCE, we believe that success is a 2-way street.

Your participation in MCE's Deep Green program makes a tangible difference in your community and your environment. And if you're a commercial business, it helps us help you: the new MCE Deep Green Champions feature on our website and social media network will highlight your business and your decision to go Deep Green, telling your story and encouraging the thousands of people within our ever-growing circle to thank you through their trade.

“The MCE Deep Green program is the greatest opportunity our business has been given to reduce our environmental impact and support the local economy without having to actually change anything we do or spend a bunch of money. We wanted to install a solar system for years, but we don't own our building, don't have a great roof for solar, and actually don't use enough energy to make the investment pay off anytime soon.”

Will Hutchinson


Deep Green Champions 

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ProofLab, Mill Valley

Deep Green Champion

"As a small business, switching to Deep Green was a no brainer when you compared the cost of 100% Renewable Energy at just 1 penny more compared to Light Green."

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Good Earth Natural Foods, Fairfax

Deep Green Champion

"The Good Earth has been an earlier supporter of MCE, choosing to power our store with 100% renewable energy. First, we had a few questions about the long-term costs, but we looked a little deeper and realized paying just pennies more was a bargain for a better product."

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Noci Gelato, Mill Valley

Noci Gelato, Mill Valley

"Noci is committed to sustainability in everything we do. Our business practices are based on a philosophy of making a minimal environmental impact. We accomplish this goal by buying 100 percent renewable energy from the Marin Energy Authority"

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