Net Energy Metering

Solar customers with an MCE credit balance will receive a cash-out check in April. MCE generation credits will no longer be applied against PG&E charges but will be applied against future MCE generation charges. Credits will be noted on your MCE billing page. Please contact us with any questions.

How It Works

Net Energy Metering is a program that PG&E and MCE offers to customers who have solar or other small renewable generation systems. A special meter tracks the net difference between the amount of electricity you produce and the amount of electricity you use during each billing period. When you generate more electricity than you use, you get credited for that excess electricity.

Customers who switch to MCE and are enrolled in PG&E’s net energy metering program will automatically be enrolled in MCE’s net energy metering program. There is no need to fill out new or additional forms. 

Please note that both PG&E and MCE will perform a settlement of your account's net charges and credits (known as a "true-up") when your energy provider changes either to MCE or back to PG&E. This settlement will result in a balance due for any usage charges owed to-date, or alternatively will result in a forfeiture of any excess credits on your account at that time.

Premium Benefits

MCE offers one of the best Net Energy Metering programs in California to encourage local build-out.

  • We pay premium rates for excess electricity, crediting customers at an extra $0.01/kWh
  • Excess credits roll over month after month and never zero out
  • Excess credits over $100 can be cashed out annually for their full retail value, rather than PG&E's wholesale compensation rate
  • MCE bills NEM customers monthly so you don’t end up with a year’s worth of charges at your true-up

Frequently Asked Questions about Net Energy Metering

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