MCE vs. PG&E Cost Calculator

MCE fees replace PG&E fees with stable and affordable rates.

Please note: The above calculations are for estimation purposes only, and are determined using MCE and PG&E rates effective as of May 1st, 2014. It does not include special discounts such as CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline. This calculator includes the following assumptions: gas heating, baseline territory X, and a PCIA Vintage of 2014. PG&E bill limiter adjustments which may rarely affect E7 (Res-7), E8 (Res-8), and certain CARE rate schedules are planned to be eliminated in mid-2014 and not calculated.

Monthly and daily meter charges, which may be applicable to certain non-E1 (Res-1) residential customers or commercial customers, are not included in the above figures. The California Climate Credit is also not included in these figures. These are all applied equally to both MCE and PG&E customers, and do not impact the difference in cost between MCE and PG&E service. For more information on the above terms and fees, please contact MCE at